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«Omnivore» engages with the concept of the chimera: a term denoting both a mythological and a scientific phenomenon - a hybrid composed of different animal and human body parts. Broadening this theme, the work deals with supposed binary opposites, such as animals and humans, the natural and the urban, trust and fear, improvisation and composition – and explores the possible gradations across the entire spectrum between them, from coexistence to intersection. Crucially, rehearsals for the piece took place outdoors, in forests, under bridges and on construction sites. The experience of rehearsing in these open, public surroundings informed and formed the performers’ bodies as well as the music. Focusing on physicality when exposed and vulnerable, they try to find a place of permeable independence, to discover realms in which they are simultaneously receptive, sensitive and decisive in their approach to the outer and inner world (or child). Finally, the work examines the implications of translating the exposed outdoor experience into the protected frame of an institutional architecture, asking: What happens when these environmentally influenced vibrancies are codified and performed in the dubious context of theatrical representation?

Choreography, dance, stage, costume: July Weber 

Music, Performance: Fifi x Abortion

Light: Emilio Cordero Checa

Dramaturgy: Bryana Fritz

Costume: Don Aretino, Muyao Zhang

Outside Eye: Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez

Assistance: Luka Mahmuljin Udovičić

Funded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe and in co-production with Tanzfabrik Berlin.

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