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Lighting designer, sound artist, and creative technician, dedicated to the production and creation of light-sound installations and interdisciplinary performing art pieces. His work focuses on the interaction between live performances and new technologies using light and sound to conjugate mechanics and human interaction on stage. He holds a Master´s degree with Honours in Contemporary, Technological, and Performing Arts from Basque Country University.

His work has been shown in various theaters and festivals in Ecuador, Spain, the United States, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany. He has also collaborated with international renown events and venues like Berlin Philarmonie (Berlin - Germany), Fête des lumières (Lyon – France), Fiesta de la Luz (Quito- Ecuador), BAD (Bilbao- Spain), VAQ (Quito- Ecuador), Land Art Biennal (Andorra), Berlinale (Berlin - Germany), among others.

Currently, he lives in Berlin where he is collaborating with different dance, performance, and theater companies as well as classical music ensembles.

Emilio is also a co-producer and lighting designer for Culiner Creative Circle, an audiovisual production company focused on classical music in its various branches.

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