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We Can Do It Moaning
WeCanDoItMoaning - Final Probe-5201.jpg


Lighting, Video and Sound Design

ABA NAIA transforms sounds into spoken language. They build their rebellion against the patriarchy with the foundation of human voices. It gets dirty. It gets messy. It gets hilarious. It gets awkward. It gets physical. It gets sexual. It stays complicated. You are invited to a dialogue which takes place at the meeting point between science and a new post-porn soundscape when the seductive power of female tones takes over and makes things move.

Concept: ABA NAIA

Director: Kysy Fischer

Dramaturgy: Jaika Bahr

Performance:  Kysy Fischer, Rafuska Marks and Teija Vaittinen

Production: Relachen


English Theater


Photos:  Mari Vass and Caroline Reucker

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