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A Digital Square in a Material World


Multimedia Sculpture

The digital projection is fixed and the physical object is suspended, mapped onto the back face of the virtual.

Through a reversed reprojection, the digital and the material eventually converge, expanding and unfolding the possibilities of the mediums which creates infinite points of view. 

The multimedia sculpture originally developed through the application of the plane’s description in a tangible space. The model evolved from the surface’s relation in the space, materializing the experience of re-projection.


By mapping the shadows of the physical object the light creates a bridge between the material and the digital plane. For a fugitive period of time, the precise pixels and the inaccurate world of shadows share the same space creating an ephemeral communion in a poetic space. 


The light reflected in the object goes beyond the projection frame and invades the space while the diffraction of white light creates natural colors in the composition. 


The sound design consists of a generative composition. Sonic waves are triggered by the natural movement of the sculpture playing with the relation of the changing form in time. 




White digital light, shadows, acrylic base, mirrored paper, sandpaper, metal.

In collaboration with: Alessandra Hofmann and Yun Tang

Bauhaus University - Weimar 

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